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Javelin Articles

Athens Camp Thougths (Jeff Gorski)

Base & Pull

Developing a Javelin Run-Up (Duncan Atwood)

Dick Held & the Aerodynamic Javelin

Dick Held on Headwind vs. Tailwind

Drills for the Javelin

New Don Babbitt Training

Dr. Bob Sing Philosophy

Duncan Atwood Stretches

Fatima Whitbread Sequence  

Flight Faults

General & Specific Exercises for the Javelin (A. Stasjuk)

Generation & Transfer of Angular Momentum in the Javelin Throw

New When to start turning the hips

Hose Drags

IAAF Javelin Specs

Javelin Breakdown

Javelin Diagnostics Chart

Javelin - Dmitrusenko

Javelin Images from Finland (2008)

Javelin Medicine Ball Quadrathlon

Javelin Observations (Michel Thieurmel)

Javelin Performance Prediction Test

Javelin Pic Sequence

New Javelin Ratings - Ron Johnson

Javelin Rules

New Javelin Speed Mechanics

Javelin Throwing - The Appliance of Science

Javelin Tips


Kinematic Analysis of Elite Javelin Throwers

Kinesiological Analysis of the Javelin Throw

KNAU Javelin Clinic Notes (2006)

NHSF Javelin Specs

Optimizing The Javelin in Prevailing Winds

Power Training (Jeff Gorski)

Preparing for the Specific Neuromuscular and Biomechanical Demands of Javelin Throwing

Q&A with Wilf Parish

Runway Queues

New Scott Capos - Javelin Throwing

Shoulder Care in the Javelin Throw

Speed in the Javelin Throw (Peter Ogiolda)

Steve Backley & Viktor Zaitsev

Strength Training for Women Javelin Throwers (Ruth Fuchs)

Teaching the Javelin

The Javelin Throw

The Javelin Run-Up (Hans Torim)

Things Learned from Roald Bradstock

Tips for Improved Javelin Training

Tom Pukstys Javelin Tips

Tom Pukstys Standing Throws

New Ty Sevin

New Jan Zelezny Interview






Discus Articles

New 3 Hop Drill

A 'Contrarian' Approach to the Discus

New Attacking the Middle

New Diagnosing the Discus

New Discus Drills

Coaching the High School Discus Thrower

Commentaries from 1963 (Ralph Maughan)

Discus Biomechanical Figures

Discus Breakdown

New Discus Drills

Discus Fundamentals

Discus Rules

Discus Technical Aspects

New Discus Technique & Training (Mike Sergent)

Discus Throw (Richard Stander)

Discus Training Plans

Discus Training

Discus Troubleshooting

John Powell Camp (1992)

John Powell Camp (1993)

Improving the Non-Throwing Side of the Discus Throw

Insights on Discus Throwing

New Key Elements in Discus Technique (Vesteinn Hafsteinson)

Wolfgang Schmidt Sequence

New Kinetic Analysis

Kinetics in the Discus

Model Technique Analysis (Gunter Tidow)

Problems of Advanced Discus Throwers (Jan Vrabel)

New Scooping

Some Aspects of the Discus Throw (Merv Kemp)

Specific Exercises for Discus Throwers

Step by Step Teaching of Discus Technique (Bill Pendleton)

Teaching Discus

The Discus (Al Fereshetian)

The Discus Throw

Total Program for the Emerging Discus Thrower (Larry Judge)

Training the High School Discus Thrower

Video Checklist for Discus Throwers

Mac Wilkins 

1-2-3-Throw Drill 

Rhythm Drill 

Pivot Walk Drill 

South African Drill 

Standing Throw Drill 

Transfer Drop Drill 




Shot Put Articles

5 Step Progression for Shot Putters

Adam Nelson Drill

Adam Nelson - Mental (added 8/8/10)

Basic Shot Put Spin

Coaching the Shot Put (David Dumble)

Critical Factors in the Shot Put

Detecting and Correcting Technical Flaws (Larry Judge)

Developing Specific Strength in Shot Put (Larry Judge)

Developing the Young Shot Putter (George Dunn)

Edward Sarul's Views of the Shot Put


General & Specific Exercises for the Shot Put

Glide Help from the 'Ring'

Improving the Glide (Merv Kemp)

Learning the Glide (Klaus Bartonietz)

NSA Photosequence (Timmerman, Gunthor, Andrei)

Problems of Beginning Shot Putters

Rotational Shot Technique & Drills

Rotational Spin#1

Rotational Spin#2

Shot Put Drills

Shot Put (McEwen)

Shot Put Path & Positions

Shot Put (Richard Stander)

Shot Put Rules

Shot Put Sequence

Shot Put Treatment (Larry Judge)

Straight Leg Glides

Teaching the Shot Put

Tony Ciarelli Glide Help

Ulf Timmerman on Heavier Shots

Video Checklist for the Shot Put

Werner Gunthor  - His Technique & Training

Out of the Back (Andy Bloom) (added 8/8/10)

Critical Factors (Michael Young) (added 8/8/10)

Technical Foundations (Brett Halter) (added 8/8/10)

Shot Put Rotation (Brian Bedard) (added 8/8/10)

Fundamentals of Shot Put Technique (Mike Maynard) (added 8/8/10)

Mike Maynard Shot Put Presentation (added 8/8/10)

The Development of Reese Hoffa (added 8/8/10)

Working The Earth (John Smith) (added 8/8/10)






Hoover Ball

Medicine Ball Exercises#1

Medicine Ball Exercises#2

Neural Adaptations with Sport Specific Resistance

Preseason Preparation for the College Shot Putter


Stability Ball Progressions

Warm-Up Routine

Weights & Plyometrics




6 Steps to Taming that Little Voice

Attitude Is Everything

Big Meet Performance

Building Confidence

Champion Athlete's Little Instruction Book

Coaches Survey

Competitive Behavior Survey

Effects of Positive Statements

Fundamental Elements of the Shot Put & Discus

High School & NCAA Implements

New IAAF Stats - Part 1

New IAAF Stats - Part 2

New IAAF Stats - Part 3

New IAAF Stats - Part 4

Junior Olympics & Youth Implements

Masters Implements

Mental Training of a Champion

Mental Training - Steve Roller

Meters to Feet Conversion

Motivational Quotes

Parents Code

Perception Survey

New Preventing Chocking

Principles of Success

Relaxation Techniques

Selecting A College

Suggested Techniques for Track & Field Officiating

The Function of a Coach

Tony Ciarelli Interview

Understanding Your Athletes



New World Class Potential