Athleticism Multi-stage Warm-up


The warm-up is “active” not continuous. It should build progressively in intensity into the workout. There is a great emphasis on mobility not much on static flexibility. Flexibility is trained as a separate training unit.


1) Mini Band Routine (12” band above ankles)


            Walk - Forward/Back


            Monster Walk


2) Balance & Stability

            Single Leg Squat (Hold each position five counts)

                        a) Straight 2 x ea leg

                        b) Side 2 x ea leg

                        c) Rotation 2 x ea leg

Balance Shift

                        Shift Right - Shift Left

                        Forward Right - Forward Left

                        Back Right - Back Left


3) Basic Core (3 Kg Med Ball)

            Wide Rotation x 20

            Tight Rotation x 20

            Side to Side x 20

            Chop to Knee x 20

            Figure 8 x 20

            Big Circle x 5 each direction


4) Multi Dimensional Stretch

Lunge & Reach Series ( 2 reps in each plane – Forward/Side/Rotational)

            Reach Up

            Reach Out & Down

            Reach Across

Jack Knife Crawl x 5

Creepy Crawl x 5


5) Hip Mobility (Five Hurdles)

            Hurdle Walks – Over

            Hurdle Walks – Under


6) Active Stretch ( No  more than two minutes)








7) Coordination (All @ 30 meters x 2)


Crossover Skip

Side Step 


Backward Run 

High Skip

High Skip with Rotation


8) Accelerations

            4 - 6 x 30 meters


9) Event Specific Activities



In addition to warm-up t is best to develop various modules that address fundamental movements that underlie all the events in track & field. I suggest that you have two to three balance modules that your can utilize both in warm-up and spaced at strategic interval throughout the workout as “active rest.” The same is true with other components. The following balance modules were developed by Steve Myrland of Myrland Sports Training in Madison, Wisconsin:


Basic Balance (do these drills on firm, flat ground):

            Static balance without movement, balancing on each foot


Progress to barefoot Repeat with eyes closed; then progress to dynamic balance


Dynamic Balance

            Forward step to balance on each foot

            Backward step to balance on each foot

            Lateral step to balance on each foot

            Transverse step (turn and step) to balance on each foot


Repeat with eyes closed; then progress to ballistic balance


Ballistic Balance

            Forward bound to balance on each foot

            Lateral bound to balance on each foot

            Backward bound to balance on each foot

            Transverse (turn & bound) to balance on each foot


The footwork component of athleticism can be addressed daily through use of the ABC Agility ladder. The following are is a basic module that can be used as part of warm-up:

ABC Agility Ladder Footwork Module I

            Forward 2 In

            Forward 1 In

Lateral 2 In

In/In – Out