Old school glide techniques delivered much more linearly, so you had a lift-turn approach in the middle of the circle. This kept the ball on much straighter path across the circle, thereby increasing the efficiency of the throw. However, I think when Feurbach came around the technique evolved quite a bit. He showed how an active right foot can compensate for lack of size & height.

With regard to the rot'l shot put, there are no successful elite throwers who don't have active turn-lift techniques. Godina no longer falls into the lift-turn category. It's not as pronounced as it is with other rotational throwers, but he's definitely turning the right foot more in the center and then lifting. Look at how great he's thrown this year.

So, for what it's worth, if I were coaching a young thrower, I would encourage them to "turn-lift", because most (there may be a few freaks out there) will generate more power and bigger throws with that approach.

I coach the foot-knee-hip-shoulder, because it allows the athlete to learn a progression that magnifies the separation/torque. And that's a good thing.

Adam Nelson