Common Problems of the Beginning Shot-Putter

1. Problem - Athlete is off balance.

    Correction - Make sure athlete is in balanced starting position; a sound weight lifting position. Left toe 

                        equal with right heel. Knees even.

2. Problem - Athlete lands open in middle of the ring.

    Correction - Check start position. Make sure shoulders are square, hips are square and left arm long and           

                        slightly to the right.

3. Problem - Athlete seems to move out of the back of the ring quickly and leaves right leg behind. .

    Correction - Make sure the movement from the back of the ring lifts the hips up as the athlete lands 

                        "A" position. Make sure the athlete works on the snap drill the moment the athlete IS off the 

                        right heel at the top.

4. Problem - The athlete leads out of the back with his left arm.

    Correction - Use the rope drill. Have the athlete hold a rope or surgical tubing with his left hand as he 

                        leaves the back of the ring.

5. Problem - The athlete lands in the middle drifting to the left leg too soon.

    Correction - Work on eye focals. Keep eyes focused on a point seven to ten feet in back and slightly to

                         the right of the ring.

6. Problem - The left leg seems to come down too late causing a slowdown in delivery and faulty position.

    Correction - Perhaps the start is too low. Make sure the left leg is driven back low in the final drive.  

                        Work harder at staying back and snapping the right foot under.

7. Problem - Premature rotation of the hips prior to the left foot touching the ground.

    Correction -Usually caused by the left leg going into the bucket. Stress the linear event. Do many hop

                        backs on lines. Keep the hips square before the drive.

8. Problem - The ball seems to lack velocity at release.

   Correction - Usually caused by the lack of separation in the body. Remember, hips come first. The ball is

                       back over the right heel as long as possible.

9. Problem - Ball is driven low at the time of release.

   Correction - Usually this means the athlete goes to his left leg too fast. The base is too wide. The ball sits  

                        in the crouch position before release; therefore, left leg plays no roll and ball is driven low.

10. Problem - Ball usually goes out to the right.

     Correction -Usually means left leg is not down in time. Therefore, hip is slow and the upper body beats

                         the lower body.

11. Problem - The ball never seems to have a high release.

      Correction -This usually means the athlete has not achieved a stiff left leg.

12. Problem -The athlete turns away from the throw.

      Correction -This problem is caused by the lack of the blocking technique. Remember, the left arm

                         comes back to the left shoulder as, the right side punches. Left leg is held stiff to complete 

                         the block.

13. Problem - The athlete seems to fall away from the throw.

Correction - Usually means two things. Either the athlete removes his left leg too early in the delivery or

                     the athlete does not get his right leg under enough so when he begins to drive, the left leg stabs 

                     him and he is unable to get over the left leg.

14. Problem - The shot-putter is constantly fouling out the front.

     Correction - The athlete should be instructed not to watch the shot as it leaves the hand. If the left leg is

                         held tight, the chances of falling are minimal. If the athlete feels as if he is falling out the 

                         front, instruct him to throw the left arm back or break the right leg down at the release.

15. Problem - The athlete never seems to get the finger flick at the end of the put.

     Correction - If you make sure the athlete delivers the shot with the thumb down as he drives through the 

                         shot, the flick will occur automatically