Adam Nelson Left Leg drill


There is a drill I used a lot when I first developed it. It's a variation of the half turn throw. If your right handed: stand with your right foot in the center of the circle and left foot in the back of the circle. Then, push off the left and move the left to the front of the circle. While you do that, reach back with the left arm across the body and turn the right foot towards the front of the circle. I call it a step through drill.

Follow those with some normal half-turn throws. You can probably get away with 10+ throws per practice of each drill. The goal isn't to strike the shot with arm, but to strike the shot with the hips. The arm is just an extension of the hips.



My two favorite drills are half turns and full turns with a stick on the back. I do lots of variations on the half turn, i.e. with a stick, with a med ball...

I would not recommend the South African regularly. It's a great drill for teaching kids to drive across the circle, but unfortunately it's used too much. Kids never learn how to come out of the back of the circle, so their full technique suffers. Your better off doing a full turn drill. I like to do 3-5 sets of this drill with 10 reps performed in fairly rapid succession.