Parents Code

We feel the parents play a vital role in the development of student athletes, therefore, we as coaches believe in the following:

                     Be a positive role model through your own actions to make sure your child has the best athletic experience possible.

                     Be a "team" fan, not a "my kid" fan.

                     Weigh what your children say; they will tend to slant the truth to their advantage.

                     Show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups.

                     Be respectful of all official's decisions.

                     Don't instruct your children before or after a game, because it may conflict with the coach's plans and strategies.

                     Praise student-athlete in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes and as people.

                     Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of the contest.

                     Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.

                     Help your child learn that success is oriented in the development of a skill, and should make a person feel good about themselves, win or lose.

                     If you as a parent have a concern, take time to talk with coaches in an appropriate manner including proper time and place. Be sure to follow the designated chain of command.

                     Please reinforce our drug and alcohol free policies by refraining from the use of any controlled substances before and during athletic contests.

                     Remember that a ticket to a school athletic event is a privilege to observe the contest.



Coaches Code

As a professional educator and leader, the high school Coach or Athletic Director will:

                     Exemplify the highest moral character as a role model for young people.

                     Recognize the individual worth and reinforce the self-image of each team member.

                     Encourage and assist team members to set personal goals to achieve their highest academic potential.

                     Create a set of training rules for athletes which reflects the positive values of abstaining from the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

                     Strive to develop the qualities of leadership, initiative, and good judgment in each team member.

                     Communicate and interpret program goals and objectives to parents and community.

                     Provide a safe environment for practice and competition.

                     Gain an awareness of the importance of prevention, care and treatment of athletic injuries.

                     Respect the integrity and judgment of the game official.

                     Teach and abide by the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.

                     Build and maintain ethical relationships with Coaches and administrators.

                     Strive for excellence in coaching skills and techniques through professional improvement.

                     Promote personal fitness and good nutrition.

                     Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

                     Encourage a healthy respect for the overall athletic program and its vital roles in education.