1. "What would be the top 5 challenges that an athlete faces to learn to throw?"
a. learning to lead with the lower body, rather than the upper.
b. getting low and staying low through out the throw.
c. keeping the head and chest up.
d. an immediate concern and frustration with lack of initial distance.
e. learning "seemingly" unnatural and often awkward positions (unlike football and basketball).

2. Identify the most common errors made when attempting to throw the SHOT PUT / DISCUS ?
a. initiating with the upper body.
b. looking down to see where the feet are landing.
c. "arming" the throw, because the lower body is out of position.
d. aiming the throw, versus letting it happen.
e. too concerned with fouling, therefore not taking advantage of the entire ring.
f. comparing one's self to other throwers.
g. using raw strength versus technique and fitness.

shot specifically:
a. landing "open" in the power position (shoulders not square tot he back).
b. leaving back (power) foot behind - not tucked under body. c. head and chest down on delivery.
d. too much pause in the power position.

a. leading with the left arm out of the back.
b. over-rotation - right (or drive leg) very sluggish to sweep through.
c. not having concurrent feet - block leg slow to the front.
d. the middle pivot foot stops turning.
e. scooping the disc to get height.
f. reversing too early.
g. holding the disc incorrectly. h. carrying the disc on or in front of the hip.

3. What would you like to see put into a training plan or training video for the ATHLETE / COACHES ?
a. teaching more rhythm first, rather than position first. example, learning a simplified jump-turn for disc (most athletes can do this on their very first day, but rarely can execute a proper front for weeks). and, a simplified glide-jump for shot. for college hammer, more emphasis would be "walk-arounds", versus learning a one-turn and chuck.
b. more emphasis on leading with the lower body.
c. nutrition information - especially at the prep level, unless someone instructs or suggests what they need to eat, they will likely not get proper nutrition nor hydration.

coach jason,