Drills for the Javelin

1. A medicine ball can be used for almost every aspect of the throw.

2. Throw weighted balls. Keep the weight at four (4) pounds and under.

3. Hip drill. Exaggerate your throwing position without an implement.  Bend right leg way down, keeping both feet on the ground.   Come up and drive the hips forward at the same time.  "SNAP".   Get the hips to come forward quickly.  Drop back again and repeat.

4. Exercises with a javelin:

5. Bounding drills. There are many variations incorporating both the single and double leg responses.

6. Wall pulley.  Use the regular handle or make a grip from a broom handle, and situate the pulley such that it operates at 30 degrees to simulate the throw.


Teaching the Javelin

1.  The Grip:

2.  Relate Back To Power Position:

3.  Move To The Standing Throw With The Javelin:



4.  One Step Throws:

5.  Two Step Throws:

6.  Three Step Throw:

7.  The Whole Throw:


Javelin Technique

A. Approach:

1. Grip:

2. Run:


B. Transition:

1. Withdrawal:



2. Steps:

3. Cross Step:

C. Throwing Action:

1. Beginning of throw:

2. Arm Action:

3. Release:


D. Recovery:

As with the other throws, the feet shift and the center of gravity is usually lowered.