Jeff Gorski
Nov. 2001

Just returned from a training camp with 8 athletes in Athens, Ga. Don Babbitt and Breaux were great hosts and extremely helpful in teaching the throwers in a variety of areas. A few things of note that will help these athletes and all javelin throwers in general:
- there is a need for better all round athletic ability. Working on some exercises in the gymnastics room showed lack of core strength and flexibility. This was also evident in the testing we did.
- more attention should be paid to the "set up" of the throw; working the "X" positions earlier and more aggressively so that the throwing crossover is more natural and smoother. When the guys did this they threw farther, straighter and with less effort. LOTS of running and crossovers are needed to get more comfortable it making an athletic, bounding run into the throw.
- a new javelin testing routine was first tried on this group and it looks very promising. Some adjustments may be needed it the scoring tables, but the areas tested seem to be valid and it can become a good indicator of expected results. The areas the guys were weak in showed poor values in the test; better areas gave good results.
The test is 9 "events" and scoring is similar to the decathlon- over 8,000 pts is pretty good. The events and their order follow-
-16 lb/4kg backward overhead shot
-standing LJ
-standing TJ (actually the L-R-L like the final 3 steps of
the throw for a right handed athlete)
-4 kg/3 kg arch back shot throw w/ 2 hands
-3 step 600gm/400gm knockenball throw
-30m crossovers
-hands and toes bridge (arch back); measure toes to hands
-standing throw position; measure rt hand to rt heel
-locked arms w/ stick over head; measure hand to hand