Video Review Checklist for Discus Throwers


Preparation Phase: (back of ring, getting ready to throw, wind) Use this side for Comments:

______ Enter ring with presence, like you want to be there!

______ Proper grip

______ squat

______ Relaxed block side (arm and leg)

______ Turned upper body parts together in wind

______ Head turns with lower body

______ Upright back on balls of feet

______ Focal Point in rear of ring (10 feet from ring)


Transition Phase: (beginning turn to power position)

______ Pivoting on ball of block leg

______ Shifted weight to pivot foot/leg just before turning

______ Armpit of blocking arm over, & turning with, pivoting knee and foot

______ Head up looking to throwing area

______ Long sweep with throwing leg (right for righties, etc.)

______ Knee/toe on sweeping leg facing out , not down

______ Body parts moving fluidly together

______ Sprint to center of ring down sector line

______ High knee in sprint / thigh parallel to ground

______ Disc up facing throwing area (highest point in throw)

______ Turn throwing foot in the air landing facing back of ring

______ Hit center of ring at 6:00 (throwing leg / foot)

______ Throwing heel off the ground

______ Disc behind throwing leg & hip

______ Fairly upright, not bent at the hips


Delivery phase: (Power position to Release of disc)

______ Roll hips upward first

______ Turned throwing leg/foot towards the throw

______ Disc behind the throwing leg & hip

______ Blocking arm/shoulder following rotation of throwing leg

______ Chest up and out towards throw

______ Disc behind throwing leg & hip

______ Blocking arm across face high and wide

______ Locked blocking leg

______ Stable and balanced in C position

______ Weight on back leg transferred to front leg (exploded)

______ Quick arm and release

______ 38 degree angle of release

______ Head and eyes away from throw

______ Thumb and index fingers facing throwing area

______ Shoulders level in release

______ Proper spin on disc thru the air


Recovery Phase: (Reverse)

______ Not watching throw! Head up!

______ Full turn & spin (if necessary)

______ Balanced on throwing leg

______ Transfer weight back to rear of ring

______ Sit if falling out

______ Celebrating your new PR!